Product Advantages

High Quality Raw Materials

Pure copper: The copper sleeve of the socket is made of phosphor bronze with the features of high conductivity, high elasticity, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Premium plastics: the socket module is made of PC/ABS composite engineering plastics, which is wear-resistant, stamping-resistant, rich in oxygen factor, flame retardant properties to UL94-VO standard, and has high insulation characteristics in order to avoid electric shock risk.

Superior metal profiles: The casing is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with tensile strength of 480 mpa. It’s light, good heat dissipation, and superb surface spraying.

Four Design Advantages

Advanced Connection Design: the modules are connected by thread terminal or straight copper bar to ensure the continuity of the connection.

Optimized internal structure design: Keep enough space for heat dissipation, far lower than the requirements of the national standards.

Internal high-performance insulation materials : it totally isolates the live part and the shell in the structure, with grounding device to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment.

Flexible installation: It can be easily installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet by only 2 screws. Both of horizontal and vertical installation are available, which does not take the effective space of the cabinet.

Four Step Tests

Hi-pot test: 2000V high voltage test ensures the creepage distance of the product and prevents potential cable damage.

Ground/insulation resistance test: ensures the ground resistance in line with safety regulations, to ensure absolute insulation between the ground wire and the poles.

Aging test: 48-hour online aging test to ensure zero failure of products delivered to customers.

Load test: 120% 

Bespoke Solution

The functional modules are all modular design and manufactured to suit the power environment. With a full list of sockets, the number and type of outlets can be customized, and the input mode can be optional.

Diversified control functions: the power switch, the circuit breaker, the indicator lamp for total and individual socket and so on.

Visual display function: Working State indication, current and voltage display, lightning strike count and other working state indication, so that users can control the cabinet power distribution status at any time.

Full protection functions: overload, over-voltage, over-current, filtering, surge protection, leakage protection and so on to meet the needs of different security protection environment.

Build your own PDU