Planning period Selection

In many data center biddings, it doesn’t indicate PDU as a separate list together with UPS, array cabinets, racks and other equipment, and the PDU parameters are not very clear. This will cause a great trouble in later work: it may not match with other equipment, non-standard distribution, serious budget shortage, etc. The main reason for this phenomenon is that both parties are not clear how to label the PDU requirements. Here's a simple way to do it.

1) The branch circuit power in the array cabinet + the safety margin = the total power of the PDUs on this line.

2) The number of Equipment in the rack+ safety margin = the number of outlets in all PDUs in the rack. If there are two redundant lines, the number of PDU should be doubled with the parameter.

3) The high-power equipment should be dispersed in different PDUs to balance the current of each phase.

4) Customize the PDU outlet types according to those equipment plug that can’t be separated from the power cord. If the plug which can be separated from the power cord is not compatible, it can be solved by replacing the power cord.

5) When the equipment density is high in the cabinet, it’s better to choose vertical installation; while if the equipment density is low, it’s better to choose horizontal installation. Finally, the PDU should be given a separate quotation budget to avoid serious budget shortage.

Installation and Debugging

1) The power of the cabinet should match the power of the branch circuit in the array cabinet and the power of the PDU, otherwise it will reduce the use of power index.

2) The U position of PDU should be reserved for horizontal PDU installation, while for vertical PDU installation you should pay attention to the mounting angle.

Operating period

1. Pay attention to the temperature rise index, that is, the temperature changes of the device plug and PDU sockets.

2. For remote monitoring PDU, you can pay attention to the current changes to determine whether the equipment is working properly.

3. Make full use of the PDU wiring device to decompose the outward force of the device plug to the PDU sockets.

The relationship between the form of the PDU outlets and the rated power of the PDU

When using a PDU, we encounter situations where the plug of the device does not match the sockets of the PDU. Therefore, when we customize the PDU, we should first confirm the plug form of the equipment and the power of the equipment, carrying the order in the following:

The output socket power of the PDU = the plug power of the device ≥ the power of the device.

The corresponding relationship between the plug and the PDU sockets is as follows:

img (1)
img (2)
img (4)
img (3)
img (6)
img (5)
img (7)
img (8)
img (9)
img (10)

When your device plug does not match the PDU socket, but your PDU has been customized, you can replace the power cord of the device, but it is important to note that any plug and power cable must bear the power that is bigger than or equal to the power of the device.

Post time: Jun-07-2022

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