Although PDU (Power distribution Unit) and the ordinary power strip look very similar, there are still differences in the following aspects.

1. Functions are different.
Ordinary power strips only have the functions of power supply overload and total control, and the outlets are also very monotonous; But PDUs not only have a wide range of functions (lightning protection function, total control switch, overload protection, current and voltage display, remote monitoring function, smoke/ temperature/humidity online detection, etc.),but also the output module system can be reasonably matched and selected according to the specific situation. (There are Chinese standard, American standard, international IEC, German standard, etc.)


2. The materials are different
Ordinary power strips are generally plastic, while PDUs are all-metal. If the load is too large, the PDU can be fireproof, while the ordinary socket does not. Since the PDU has a metal housing, it has the function of anti-static, which protects sensitive electronic equipment from static electricity hazards, thus protecting the stable operation of the equipment.


3. The application areas are different

Ordinary sockets are typically used in homes or offices to provide power for electrical appliances such as computers, while PDU sockets are typically used in data centers, network systems and industrial environments, and installed on equipment racks, providing power for switches, routers, and other devices. 

4. The load powers are different

The load of ordinary power strip cable is relatively weak, most nominal rating of 10A with 1.5 mm2 cable. A few manufacturers will label the nominal 16A 4000W. According to the national cable wire standards, regardless of which configuration, the rated load power is very difficult to really achieve 4000W. It can be seen that it is difficult to meet the requirements of the rapidly growing computer room. PDU is undoubtedly to solve this problem to a large extent, because any of its components are customized based on different conditions, which can fully meet the security of the power room environment. At present, industrial plugs are widely used in PDU, whose current can meet the needs of 16A, 32A, 65A, 125A and so on, and its rated load power can reach above 4000W to meet the power requirements of computer room. Moreover when the PDU power load is too large, it can automatically power off, with a certain degree of fire-resistant function. Therefore, the use of ordinary power strip in the 19” cabinet is very wrong.


5. The life spans are different

The ordinary power strips can be used for 2-3 years., with about 4500-5000 times of plugging, while PDU socket is made of super-conducting metal material-tin (phosphorus) bronze and has good wear resistance and electrical conductivity. With full load power for an hour, its temperature rises only 20 degrees, far below the national standard of 45 degrees, which effectively prevent heating elements. It has hot-plug over 10000 times, and the life is up to 10 years.

C19 with lock

CAN PDU be used at home?

YES! Based on the above-mentioned differences between PDU and ordinary power strip, whether in terms of function, security or other performance, PDU is the best choice for your home electricity, because it is safe and economical.



PDU has the functions that the ordinary power strips do not have. I believe that in the future, PDU will not only be applied in the network system, but also replace the ordinary power strip in thousands of households.

Post time: Nov-30-2022

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