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PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is designed to provide power distribution for rack-mounted electrical equipment. It has a variety of specifications with different functions, installation methods and plug-in combinations. It can provide the suitable rack-type power distribution solution for the different power supply environment. The application of PDU can make the power distribution in the cabinet more orderly, safe, and professional, and make the maintenance of power supply in the cabinet more convenient and reliable.

With the rapid development of the Internet nowadays, with the increase of the demand for bandwidth, the demand for network confidentiality and security is becoming more and more urgent. So you absolutely need high quality PDUs in your data center.

Compared with ordinary power strip, PDU’s advantages include more reasonable design arrangement, more strict quality and standardslonger safe and trouble-free working time, stronger protection for all kinds of electricity leakage and overload protection, less possibility in out of order even with more frequent plug-and-pull action, smaller heat rise, more flexible and convenient installation. It is suitable for customers who have strict requirement for the use of electricity. Also it eliminate the risk of the common power strip frequent power outages, burning, fire and other security issues due to poor contact and low load.

PDUs have the Interface compatibility. The Power Socket modules in line with each national standard can meet the different needs of multi-purpose output jack and IEC output jack, suitable for different imported equipment plug.

1) It allows two-input, IEC socket input, product front panel input, product rear input, product end input and other forms.

2) Cover the major national standard all over the world: IEC standard, American standard German standard, UK standard, French standard, American standard, Australian standard, Israel standard, Brazilian standard, etc.

3) Available in 10A, 16A and industrial couplers, etc.

International Standard Rack Installation: easy to install in the 19-inch standard cabinet, rack, which only takes up 1 U of cabinet space. It  supports both horizontal (standard 19-inch) and vertical mounting and can also be used in other situations. The installation is very simple. it can be fixed firmly with only 2 screws. 

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PDUs have multiple circuit protection functions: lightning stroke, surge protection: maximum impulse current: 20KA or higher; limit voltage: ≤500V or lower.

Alarm Protection: LED digital current display and full-range current monitoring with alarm function;

Filter protection: with fine filter protection, the output is ultra-stable pure power supply;

Overload protection: provide bipolar overload protection, can effectively prevent the problems caused by overload;

Anti-misoperation: PDU Master switch ON/OFF with protective grille to prevent accidental close, while providing alternative route.

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