19” IEC C13 C19 rack power distribution unit

The IEC 60320 standard covers a variety of sockets/outlets & plugs/inlets which are intended for general equipment usage worldwide. These IEC (60320) outlets allows for high-density stacking of power outlets on a PDU, within the rack environment.

We offer a full range of quality Power Distribution Units with IEC 60320 outlet configurations, IEC C13 10A or IEC C19 16A outlets (or a mix of both), in both Horizontal (1RU, 2RU etc..) or Vertical (0RU) mounting.

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Newsunn basic power distribution units are reliable solution for data centers, server rooms & network wiring closets, and they are the most efficient way to power protect your rack mount equipment. Newsunn PDUs are built to International standards and requirements, so that your equipment can deliver the most optimum performance while using minimum of your valuable rack space. The PDUs have an Aluminum Alloy casing which makes them durable for rack mount use and also allows both vertical and horizontal applications.


● Horizontal or Vertical mounting in standard 19” server rack or network cabinets.

● Single input power source with IEC C14, 10A plug or other types of plugs

● With a switch and a surge protector.

● Outlets: C13, C13 with lock, C19, C19 with lock

● Dimensions (L x W x H): 482.6mm x 44.4mm x 44.4mm (1U)

● Color: black, silver, or other colors

● Casing Material: Aluminum Alloy or Sheet metal.

Environmental Requirements

● Operating temperature: 0 – 60 ℃

● Humidity: 0 – 95 % RH non-condensing



IEC power cord plugs

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