Asia / Africa Universal PDU Rack mount Power Distribution Unit

This universal PDU, suitable for some of Asian, Middle East and African countries, is a versatile rack power distribution unit featuring a universal input and an embedded or detachable power cord. The Universal PDU supports common AC power configurations ranging from 10A-60A and 120V-415V. Available in basic to intelligent models featuring advanced remote power and environmental monitoring and optional outlet level switching. The universal design simplifies critical IT infrastructure deployments by allowing a single model to be installed globally.

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Newsunn’s PDUs are easy to use and plug-in. These devices are capable of supplying electric power to all IT devices as well as Telecom infrastructure. It has a wide range of input connections depending upon your power consumption. We also provide a wide range of output connections depending upon your power consumption in the IT racks. A Single Phase Rack Mount and a Three Phase Rack Mount are available in either a horizontal (1U, 2U) or a vertical mount (0U) as per your needs.


● Widely used in Middle East countries and some other Asian and African countries.

● Horizontal or Vertical mounting in standard 19” server rack or network cabinets.

● 10A universal outlet, compatible with international 10A, 13A British standard, American standard and European standard plugs.

● Various Functional module combination for option: surge protector, Overload protector, A/V meter, etc.

● Premium aluminum ally housings with high strength, good heat dissipation.

● Internal ferrule is made of fire-retardant plastic, and the safety level meet the national standards. High-quality copper wire has good heat conductive performance.

● Various bracket types can meet all your needs for installation.


● Current Rating: 10A / 2500W

● Rated voltage: 250V

● Rated frequency: 50-60HZ

● Color: black, silver, or other colors

● Plastic flame retardant: UL94V-0 level

● Wire size: 3G1.5 mm2 × 2m

● Operating temperature: 0 – 60 ℃

● Humidity: 0 – 95 % RH non-condensing

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