US NEMA Single Phase Power Distribution strip for 19” rack

NEWSUNN manufacture full ranges of America, Canada, NEMA 5-15 Type power distribution strips, which provide premium power protection for household and commercial office environments. USA, Canada, NEMA outlet type power strip series features include surge protected outlets, transformer-spaced outlets, data line protection, single pole light switch, circuit breaker for overload protection, power/surge status indicator light, and UL safety regulations.

1U PDU is available in a variety of Surge Protections, Combo Circuit Breaker Switch or Ampere Meter configurations. Perfectly suited for IT environment and with UL approval. We are confident in the quality of our products to guarantee all PDU with the accurate specifications and meet safety requirement. PDU is able to be customized in different power cord length to match variety of environment.

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● 19” or 10” power distribution strip, or other lengths can be customized.

● Horizontal 1U, 1.5U, 2U, or Vertical mounting 0U in standard 19” server rack or network cabinets.

● Outlet types: NEMA5-15R, NEMA5-20R, Lockable socket.

● Popular Functional module: switch, surge protector, overload protector, A/V meter,etc.

● Premium aluminum ally housings with high strength, good heat dissipation.

● Various bracket types can meet all your needs for installation.


● Power Rating: 15A (Derated to 12A), 120VAC, Single phase

● 19" PDU horizontal or vertical Mount

● 14 x NEMA outlets.

● Circuit breaker, SPD, switch, etc.

● 6ft 3x14AWG (UL) type electric cable and finished in NEMA-5-15 male.

● Color: black, silver, or other colors

● Safety and Compliance: UL

● Operating temperature: 0 – 60 ℃

● Humidity: 0 – 95 % RH non-condensing

Outlet types available

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img (2)
img (4)

Quality Certifications

We manufacture the PDU for American market in compliant with UL to assure the safety and performance. We got UL certification in 2018 for NEMA outlets and surge protector in our power distribution unit.

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Function Module Type


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