European rack power distribution unit for UK, Germany and France

Newsunn European PDU series are suitable for most of European countries, and  the socket types include UK type, Schuko, Italian type, French type, as well as Germany/Italian combined type, etc. With the surge protector, provide electrical protection and reliable power distribution to valuable equipment in racks and cabinets. Newsunn PDUs are durable and thoroughly tested, all components confirm to current RoHS, Reach, CE, GS requirements. Various sizes, plugs, configurations and electrical options are available on request. Newsunn provides the best total value comprising of leading process automation, standard operation procedure and strict quality control.

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● Horizontal or Vertical mounting in standard 19” server rack or network cabinets.

● Free Functional module combination for option: surge protector, Overload protector, A/V meter,etc.

● Premium aluminum ally housings with high strength, good heat dissipation.

● Various bracket types can meet all your needs for installation.


● Power Rating: 16A, 250VAC

● 19" PDU horizontal or vertical Mount

● Different European outlets.

● Surge Protection Working Indicator.

● H05VV-F 1.5mm² 3G Power Cord.

● Color: black, silver, or other colors

● Safety and Compliance: CE, GS,RoHS & REACH

● Operating temperature: 0 – 60 ℃

● Humidity: 0 – 95 % RH non-condensing

Outlet types


Quality Certifications

Newsunn’s persistent commitment to quality, performance and safety

We at Newsunn, assure strict adherence to the international regulatory compliances. Our company and manufacturing unit has acquired and maintained various approval standards, regulations and certifications thus making our products acceptable and highly reliable across the world. Our engineers have extensive experience with working for various regulatory compliance and requirements mentioned below. 


Function Module Type


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